Why Reno When You Can Buy New?

When you can hardly decide what you want to eat for dinner each night, imagine renovating! How hard would it be to decide what size and colour tile you want in your bathroom, if you want maple or thermafoil cabinets, or if you should get the 37oz. carpet or 52oz. carpet? Now, on top of that, add 3mm of drywall dust and a broken thumb from the hammer you were just trying to use. That’s right, it’s the stuff of nightmares.

We know renovations can turn a good day into a bad one, but the good news is, there is an alternative! Buying a new home lets you decide if you even want to decide. Let us explain:


You can totally customize your new home (if you want to) and the builder will do all the grit work, you just have to say what you want.


The builder can totally design your new home with the help of their design teams (if you want them to) and you can just pick what home you want


You’ll still get the brand new feel that you get with renovations, just without all the frustrations. If you think this sounds like a viable alternative to months of coming home to ripped apart rooms, we think you should check out what we’ve got to offer in Timberidge at Edgemont. This west Edmonton community is well-connected to the Anthony Henday and is surrounded by many amenities. You’ll be able to check out both pre-sale and spec/quick possession homes by our master builders and see why we think you should buy new!