November has arrived and winter is coming! Here are 9 helpful cleaning tips for preparing your home for those colder months ahead:

Range hood vent

Range Hood Filter

    1. Kitchen – Clean or replace range hood filters.

    2. Kitchen – Garburator – Clean blades by grinding up a few ice cubes. Freshen with washing soda or lemon rinds.

dryer vent

Tools used to clean dryer ducts

    3. Laundry Room – Disconnect the duct connected to your clothes dryer and vacuum lint from duct and the areas surrounding your dryer.

    4. Bathrooms – Flush all toilets and run water through all sinks, especially in bathrooms that are not used on a regular basis.

    5. Bathrooms – Test and reset all GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles.GFI

6. Alarms – Test smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms, and replace batteries if applicable. Dust and/or vacuum smoke/carbon monoxide detector openings as necessary.

7. Fire Extinguishers – Inspect and have tested your home fire extinguishers to ensure they are not out of test, and are fully charged.

8. Exterior – Disconnect hose from exterior tap/hose bib and turn off isolation valves to each hose bib and open outside hose bib. Then open outside drain located on isolation valve to complete the draining process.drain valve

9. Exterior – Winterize your irrigation system (in ground sprinklers). Sprinkler systems need to have all the water blown out of them before winter freeze-up. If you are unable to do this yourself, contact your builder to see if they can recommend a professional contact who can do so